Project 135: Week 4 update

Dr. Jen Kerns

Dr. Jen Kerns

This week I wasn’t perfect at sticking with my premade plan 100%, but I did stick to it about 90%…  and I *did* continue avoiding sugar, flour, and alcohol (though when Kevin put a bottle of rose in the fridge, it was all I could do not to have a glass!).

I squeaked out 1.6 pounds this week, which met the goal for the week but left me just shy of my 6 pound weight loss goal in the first 4 weeks.

But you know what? I’ll take it! I repeated my measurements and found I’ve lost an inch off my waist and half an inch each off my bust and my hips, which was nice to see. I hadn’t really noticed it, but when I compare the two photos below, I am pleasantly surprised that I can actually see a difference already!

Project 135 stats:
Starting weight: 159.6
Week 1: 157.2
Week 2: 155.6
Week 3: 155.4
Week 4: 153.8

Total weight loss: 5.8 pounds (3.6%)

This coming week, I’ll be doing my DIY fasting diet (you can snag a printable 2-page PDF with full instructions at the bottom of my Contact page, here) Tuesday through Saturday, which I try to do quarterly to trigger autophagy and help me in my effort to decrease my risk of disease (including Alzheimer’s). It’s likely that it’ll have the side benefit of some weight loss, too. I’ll post on Facebook as I go, and return here for the recap next weekend. Wish me luck!

???? Jen

Edited on June 8 to note updated goals for the next 4 weeks: I had predetermined that I needed to lose 6 pounds in the first 4 weeks and 5 pounds in the second 4 weeks to stay on track to achieve my goal weight of 135 by the end of 6 months. Because I lost 5.8 instead of 6 during the first 4 weeks, that means I’ll need to lose 5.2 pounds — or 1.3 pounds per week — for the next 4 weeks. Can I do it? ????




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