Project 135, Week 13 update: did I break 150?

Dr. Jen Kerns

Dr. Jen Kerns

I’m on service this week and working in the hospital all weekend, so my promised follow-up post about meds that promote weight loss will have to wait until next week. But I wanted to throw up a quick accountability update with my Project 135 stats and weekly weigh in. Last week I made it down to 150.8 and was hoping to break 150 this week. Did I do it?!


My weight is down just 0.2 pounds. And it’s been the exact same number to the tenth of a pound for 3 days straight. I was pretty damn good this week, no chips or brownies or other off-protocol foods. No booze. But I did eat unplanned foods… primarily fresh fruit after dinner (sometimes several servings), but sometimes also a tablespoon or two of unsweetened peanut butter or a handful of almonds. I’ve been fasting until lunch almost every day (except for some Nutpods plant-based creamer in my coffee to get me through the morning, which is 100% fat and unlikely to cause an insulin release). If anyone looked at my food journal for the week, they’d think it was a pretty amazingly healthy week. I exercised every single morning for 30 minutes on my elliptical. And yet I am barely squeaking out a fraction of a pound. This just goes to show how that last 15 pounds can really be where the hardest work lies. I could lose weight relatively easily when I was a little heavier just by avoiding sugar and processed carbs. But it really comes down to a wire when you’re close to or already in the normal BMI range. I can see that a lot more attention to stopping when I’m satisfied rather than eating until I’m more stuffed and avoiding the evening fruit binges is going to be required to get this last 15 pounds off. It’s hard work, changing these habits, but we can do hard things!

Project 135 stats:

Starting weight: 159.6
Week 1: 157.2
Week 2: 155.6
Week 3: 155.4
Week 4: 153.8
Week 5: 151.0
Week 6: 152.8
Week 7: ? (Dad’s death)
Week 8: 150.8
Week 9: 152.6
Week 10: 154.2
Week 11: 152.6
Week 12: 150.8
Week 13: 150.6

Total weight loss: 9 pounds (5.6%)


I’d reeaallly love to hit the 140s by next weekend, and I’m due for updated photos and measurements, too. Stay tuned!




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