Week 3 update: Project 135

Picture of Dr. Jen Kerns

Dr. Jen Kerns

I neglected to update you on my progress for week 3! It’s not as exciting as the first two weeks, sadly, but that’s how weight loss goes in real life. There are good weeks and bad weeks. On Saturday morning (May 30) I weighed in at 155.4.

This did NOT meet my predetermined goal of 1.5 pounds each week for the first 4 weeks, as I only lost 0.2 pounds this week.

Project 135 stats:
Starting weight: 159.6
Week 1: 157.2
Week 2: 155.6
Week 3: 155.4

Total weight loss: 4.2 pounds (2.6%)

My goal was to lose a total of 4.5 pounds in the first 3 weeks, and I’ve now missed that mark, but overshooting it a touch the first 2 weeks helped mitigate the damage — I’m still close, and could still get to 6 pounds by the end of week 4 if I’m dedicated to my plan this week. I know exactly why I didn’t meet my week 3 goal: because I didn’t plan my meals ahead of time through the entire Memorial Day weekend, and I frequently ate when I wasn’t hungry. “Vacation mode” and eating what I want when I’m on vacation is one of the areas I really need to work on. I did maintain my no sugar no flour (NSNF) and no alcohol protocol, but I overate healthy foods in response to urges. Especially tough for me are the visual cue of seeing food in front of me and the olfactory cue of smelling whatever deliciousness Kevin has cooked up for himself.

Can I make my goal of 6 pounds lost by the end of week 4? Stay tuned….




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